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The Best Slow Cooker
Using the wrong crockpot can ruin your meals texture and taste.
The chef shows you the best slow cooker for any budget.
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The Best Slow Cookers | Reviews by Crock Pot Chef

Want to know what the best crockpots are to use for making delicious crockpot meals. Well, the Crock Pot Chef has some slow cooker reviews to help guide you in your search.

Let's face it, we all want a product that is well built and will last. That was the first thing we considered in our review process. Cheap slow cookers are exactly that. If you want it to last and not ruin the taste of your meals, you will have to pick your crockpot wisely.

Another important factor was the performance and reliability. The last thing we want is a cooker that breaks down, malfunctions or needs replacement parts all the time. As well, we wanted a unit that is easy to use and gets the job done right.

The final consideration when determining the best slow cooker model to buy is how well they cooked the food. To be honest, it is hard to tell the difference which brand makes the best tasting meals. However, we do know that some crock pots have better ranges of heating than others (much like pans do) and this can contribute to more evenly cooked foods that produce better flavor. Remember, even when you have the best ingredients and follow the recipe, the crockpot you use makes a big difference.


The Top 3 Brands of Slow Cookers for Any Budget

best slow cookers

The following is a list of the Crock Pot Chef's top 3 brands of slow cookers based on the aforementioned criteria above.

1. Cuisinart Slow Cookers

cuisinart slow cookers When most people think of serious cooking appliances, they think Cuisinart. At one time or another, most households would have had one of their products at some point in their kitchen.

Tough, reliable and affordable is what makes Cuisinart slow cookers one of the best brands to buy. This is a cooking appliance that gets the job done and does it well. It is sold in several sizes such as 3.5qt, 4qt, 5qt and 6-quart crocks. It is also available in several designs, styles, manual and programmable models.

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2. Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers

hamilton beach slow cookers Some people live by their Hamilton Beach slow cookers when making meals. Known for their over and above user friendly design, there aren't many people who have anything bad to say about them.

Even cooking ranges are just one of the best features of this brand of slow cookers. Easy to use handles, locking lids and creative styles making loyal customers of the Hamilton Beach slow cooker. It is also sold in sizes ranging from 2qt to 7-quart crocks.

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3. Rival Slow Cookers

rival slow cookers Rival slow cookers are both durable and affordable, giving them a spot in the top 3 brands to purchase.

Their removable and easy to clean crocks make them a great choice for many.

Enjoy a wide range of crock sizes from 2.5-quart all the way up to 18-quart.

They also come in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. Making it easy to find a match for your kitchen.

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Chose The Best Slow Cooker Based on Your Needs

If you want to buy the best slow cooker you have to consider a few things such as:

It would be wise to consider the above before you shop for and buy a slow cooker. This will prevent any unwanted headaches like not having a big enough crock or wishing you went for the stainless steel vs ceramic crock pot.

However, once you figure out what size and style of slow cooker is best for you, you can rest assured that if you go with any of the top 3 brands mentioned above you will be making a smart purchase. They are all considered to be the best slow cookers on the market according to the Crock Pot chef's reviews.