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The Best Slow Cooker
Using the wrong crockpot can ruin your meals texture and taste.
The chef shows you the best slow cooker for any budget.
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Welcome to Classic Crock Pot Recipes

Have you heard the cooking expression "just like Grandma used to make"? Well the secret to her great meals were her special crockpot recipe ingredients. Classic yet healthy, owning a crockpot is a must have for every kitchen.

Not just for stews; Many different meals such as soups, meats, side dishes, appetizers, dips and deserts can be prepared in a slow cooker.

If you are tired of baking or frying flavorless foods and eating the same old boring meals. Kick it up a notch with our crock pot recipe ideas and make a slow cooked dish that you cant get at restaurants.

By preparing healthy slow cooked recipes at home, it ensures your food is fresh and will taste delicious.

Featured Crockpot Recipes:


Slow cooking recipes have been passed down for centuries. They bring out the best in the foods we prepare and make meal time something to look forward to.

If flavor is your thing and you like to experiment with different ingredients, mixtures and preparations. You can see some of our crockpot cooking tips. Then try some of our new and easy crock pot recipes for simply delicious meals.